Like spicy Chinese food? Then you probably LOVE sichuan restaurants with it’s spicy peppery dishes.

Here are some of the dishes you MUST try when going to eat at one of these restaurants.

the name of the restaurant is Sichuan Eastern located on 8th ave between 18and 19th street in manhattan.

Check out Mike stir fry potato dish

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43 thoughts on “Sichuan Food Guide: Must Try Dishes at Sichuan Restaurants”

  1. Don’t diss American Chinese food. Chinese people who moved to the USA invented Crab Rangoon & so whenever I go to America I love getting it. Just as good. Everything mixes and adapts & we should appreciate that too.

  2. Why is she keep flipping her hair, touching her own face, left hand up touching chin, right hand up touching cheek, goes on n on. She is distracting and not natural at all. There is a chinese phrase – 骚首能姿。

  3. I dunno if this is factual, but real authentic Sichuan food doesn't have a lot of Cumin in it right? I went to this "authentic" Sichuan restaurant and it had a LOT of Cumin in it. My mom (who's from Sichuan) absolutely hated that restaurant. So instead we go to a different Sichuan restaurant, and she keeps telling me "This is REAL Sichuan food."

  4. Sichuan classic menu: Dog sichuan with rice. Puppy sichuan with rice. Mixed wok sichuan dog and puppy with rice. Cat sichuan with rice. Kitten sichuan with rice. Mixed wok sichuan with cat and kitten with rice.
    F***ing chinese eating dogs and cats in this modern age when you don't have to because of starvation… Oh, by the way – rhinohorn isn't any aphrodisiac as you stupids still seems to believe. It's made up from the same stuff as your fingernails… Stupid traditional chinese remedies.. Quit smoking, eat properly and exercice makes your tiny d***s go hard.

  5. How do they eat so much? 5 appetizers, several entrees, and deserts for three people. So much food. It looked delicious, though. Give me a week to devour it, and I'll be happy.

  6. lol I love this channel but I sometimes wish they wouldn't discount Southern Chinese or predominantly Southern style of cooking as just "wrong"…….

  7. I went to Sichuan to learn about the history of the three countries war in China, and the face changing opera. Unfortunately, I was also sensitive to spicy food. You can guess how that turned out.

  8. ABCs rating authentic sichuan food? Nah. You guys are better than the real westerners that's all. The tiger skin pepper, you call it really really spicy? U don' know what you are saying my friends. This is a course where only mild to medium hot green peppers are used, rarely the really hot ones. Tasting the flavor of green pepper fried with oil and salt is the key, spiciness is not the focus here. It should be no more spicier than your water boiled beef! BTW, complaining about the sack of seeds in the pepper? That's so Laowai, Cutting the sack off will ruin the dish, if I were Laowai, simply don't order it, that's all. Asian culture appreciates the idea of whole food, if we cater everything to your westerners & cut the sack of seeds off, sichuan food will not be sichuan food. OH yeah, just like many westerners think that chicken should look like skinless breasts in a package? Haha , that's hilarious. Please do yourselves a favor and experience more real and wholesome food from other cultures.

  9. I hate-hate-hate Ketchup. To me it tastes like white vinegar with tomato paste. Ewe. Is there a popular Asian analog or replacement for that grody crap?

    Asian sauces got it hands-down over Western sauces; hell they even do Mustard better!

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