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Exploring the food options at Great World Mall with all you can eat Japanese BBQ and a Michelin Star Chinese Restaurant:
Restaurants I went to:
Tajimaya Yakiniku @ Great World City

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42 thoughts on “All You Can Eat JAPANESE WAGYU BBQ & MICHELIN STAR Chinese Food | GREAT WORLD CITY Food Tour”

  1. We visited last week with a group of 6. We asked for a second grill but were given one grill even though there were many empty tables. Hard to feed 6 adults in 100 minutes. All the cuts that Mikey mentioned were not available. Service was poor too. When we asked the server to identify the meat, she wasn’t able to, and had to drag the manager over. I understand there’s a shortage of wait staff. Over all, I would rather spend my $45USD elsewhere. This place was a miss.

  2. If you're at Great World, there's a phenomenal hawker centre just across the road called Zion Riverside. I'd recommend pig' organ soup there but you won't go wrong with most of the food there.

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  4. Seeing Mikey's love for the crispy rice (and in this video, the disappointment of not actually getting any) always hits me squarely in the depths of my Puerto Rican heart. Ricans LOVE crispy rice.. we even have a word for it. It's called "pegao" and you always find it on bottom and sides of the pot when making a traditionally cooked rice dish like arroz con gandules. There's not usually much of it, so squabbles would sometimes break out when someone took a lot or someone felt they didn't get enough 😂

  5. Mikey you should have added the Sambal from the Claypot chicken store.. the sambal added to the claypot chicken makes it so much better


    I used to live in SG and from all the Malaysian and Singaporean food I must say I miss the Japanese TORI-Q. Please go it would fulfil my indirect connection to my home since I have been living overseas for a long long time and haven’t been back.
    Regards ✌️

  7. MATTHEW 11:28
    ✝️Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.✝️☝GOD WANTS U BACK, HE CAN PROVIDE COMFORT💙

  8. Are all the food video showing are organic dishes?

    Are they encourage to eat organic dishes ?

    As organic dishes are tasteless and no much sweetness.

    Should use approved industrial food chemical to enhance the flavor of organic dishes.

    The end product still go one place.

  9. One place I'd recommend for good claypot rice is Xiang Jiang Claypot Rice in Jurong West… It's a little out of the way, but the char on their pots is amazing…

  10. Sometimes I envy you, and sometimes I don't. Seems fun traveling and eating at restaurants all over the world, but seems very exhausting traveling and eating at all these places all over the world. Sometimes, a person just want a home cooked meal.

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