Shandong (or Shantung) chicken is a popular Chinese restaurant dish. Despite the name, however, it is not really a dish from Shandong Province. Shandong’s Lu cuisine is often considered the most famous and influential in China, known for its balance of tastes. It is also famous for its fragrant dark vinegars, and it’s the vinegar that gives this dish its name.

It’s a combination of a fragrant sweetened vinegar sauce characteristic of Shandong’s Jinan style of cooking, with a crisp-skinned fried chicken, more common in Cantonese cooking. It was in Cantonese restaurants that this dish was popularised.

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46 thoughts on “Shandong Roast Chicken | No Deep Frying | Easy Chinese Recipe”

  1. I really want to try this drying out and frying with the air fryer we have at home on a very low heat. Looks amazing and can't wait to see our result. Thank you for this awesome recipe Adam, and the great, entertaining and educational videos.

  2. Just noticed you have one of the solidteknics pans Adam. How do you find them? I've been eyeing them off for a few years now, since they did the original crowdsourcing campaign.

  3. @Adam Liaw – you are such an amazing teacher. And it is always so soothing and relaxing watching your videos. I feel like I could take on any of your recipes, because you are always so clear and concise. And such great descriptions and techniques. Love this channel so much! Thanks!!

    AND, last month I finally got a very nice, VERY heavy cleaver and have been waiting for the perfect chicken recipe to catch my eye so I can use it. This is the recipe!!! Gonna go for it!!

  4. Hey Adam. I tried your Hainanese Chicken and the family loved it. Btw, is the coriander same as Cilantro in this recipe? Also, love your AP 🙂

  5. Thank you for the recipe and for teaching is how to make the chicken skin really crispy. I've made this several times and really loved it.

  6. this is one of the best cooking channels I've ever seen! You have such a wonderful positive energy. Great music too, especially for the purpose. Thank you!

  7. I'm thinking of giving this a try at home, but I'm wondering what could be a good replacement for coriander? It seems my kids and I are in that minority who can only taste soap when eating coriander. I've never had the taste that other people rave about. It's a shame really, and I often have to try to replace coriander in recipes.

  8. Good video Adam, I loved the mixing two out of three things to balance. I thought after going to all the trouble to get the chicken skin right u would roast it on a rack and also u didn't season the inside of the cavity I would have lol.

  9. I made it for the second time last night using Maryland chicken pieces instead of a whole chicken as we find breast too dry. It turned out great. I would definitely recommend this recipe.

    It is very similar to the Shantung Chicken dish I always order at one of the Chinese restaurants I go to.

  10. Looks great. I tend to always order this dish when I go to a certain chinese restaurant in my city. Will try to cook this very soon. The website says 1 tbsp of Shaoxing wine and 1 tbsp of Dark soy sauce. But the video looks like you use alot more than 1 tbsp of each.

  11. I ate to waiste money and time with other suggestions for Chinese chicken, which of tour books do you recommended me to buy first ? I have been cooking for decades and I'm not intimidated by any recipe, I go for, and I love every single one of your recipes though

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