Anhui cuisine, or simply Hui cuisine, is originated over 1,000 years ago from Huizhou, the current Shexian County at the foot of Yellow Mountain in Anhui Province. Anhui cuisine is one of the eight Chinese cuisines. The ingredients are mostly from the wild, and the flavor is light. Anhui cuisine attaches importance to dietetic… Continue Reading UNHEARD OF CHINESE FOOD?? Anhui Cuisine!

Do you want to know the recipe of authentic Chinese Hot Pot? Do you want to know about the culture of Anhui Province? Do you want to know the secrets of hui cuisine? learn from professional Chinese chef from House of Han, Crowne Plaza, Jaipur and experience the flavours of… Continue Reading Flavourful China – Ep 03 – Anhui Cuisine | Chinese Hotpot Recipe Included | चाइनीज हॉटपॉट रेसिपी

Stay tuned for our next episode…. It might be Xinjiang, Fujian or Beijing…. CHE LI LITTLE ALLEY TIPSY SHANGHAI 456 SHANGHAI Subscribe Here! Check out my top videos! ——————————— Do you want to work in media? Do you have film skills? We’re looking for… Continue Reading Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang Food Explained Pt. 1

Sichuan is known for its love of spice. It’s the birthplace of mala hot pot, mapo tofu, and dandan noodles—all made with copious amounts of chili and peppercorn. How did this region come to fall in love with spicy food, and what are the core ingredients? This is the fifth… Continue Reading How Did Sichuan Fall In Love With Spice? – Eat China (S1E5)

闽菜发源于福州,是中国八大菜系之一,以鲜甜荤香为主。阿星探寻的这家闽菜小店,在街坊里开了20年,没有菜单,做的都是家常菜,看料点菜。荔枝肉酸酸甜甜,酒糟小肠色泽红亮,爆炒双脆里有很多海蜇和腰片,都十分下饭,再喝一碗肥美的淡菜贝壳汤,这一餐很满足。 Fujian Local Cuisine originated in Fuzhou and is one of the eight major cuisines in China. This small Fujian restaurant explored by Axing has been in the neighborhood for 20 years. There is no menu. All the dishes are homemade and the food is ordered. The litchi meat is… Continue Reading 福州20年闽菜,家常菜小店没菜单,荔枝肉酸酸甜甜,酒糟小肠下饭【Fujian Local Cuisine in Fuzhou, China】

Chinese food is much more than just stir-fry, noodles, and dumplings. In this video, we break down Chinese food into roughly four schools—north, south, east, and west—and explain what makes them different. This is the first episode in a 13-part series on Chinese food (we know, it’s a lot). Stay… Continue Reading Chinese Food 101: North vs. South vs. East vs. West – Eat China (S1E1)

We’re out in NY today searching for the best $ restaurant in Chinatown, most of these are hidden gems, & all of them are affordable cheap eats. Let’s gooo Restaurants: Wah Fung: Spicy Village: Bep Ga: Steam House: THIS LOCATION HAS CLOSED SINCE FILMING THERE :'(… Continue Reading THE BEST CHEAP EAT HIDDEN GEMS in NEW YORK! | Fung Bros