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Nathan Fielder, a business consultant, uses his skills to help struggling businesses stand on their feet, but his outlandish views may not be appreciated equally by everyone.

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44 thoughts on “Nathan Gets Married At The Chinese Restaurant | Nathan For You”

  1. With a modified music of the soundtrack of Wong Kar-Wai In the Mood for Love. Man, this is some deep cultural references Americans will not understand.

  2. “It was a little odd sitting across from someone who had no clue they were your husband” is one of the funniest things ever, especially when it’s actually true 🤣🤣

  3. OMG I love how brilliant and funny Nathan is. Only a certain percentage of my friends would understand this humor. I tried to describe him one day and it backfired.

    "I am going to write your business on these tennis balls and hit them in the 30 000 tennis club. That way they may think the ball came from another person. Nathan does things like that."

    He said, "How's that funny?"

    I was offended. 😛 I will write my own business name on this and try it instead.

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