20 thoughts on “DIRTY DINING: Chinatown Food Experience”

  1. my family runs a Asian place that has received consistent top grades
    and i have a tip for you all:

    1: always go to places with open kitchens (it means you can see the kitchen)
    2: Check the floors around the grill and fryer area
    3: Check the walls
    the floor walls always give a great example of the level of sanitation in a small business.
    because the floor is where food and stuff falls down if they don't care about food on the floors then they don't care about food all over counters
    food on floors always lead to bugs and that's the main reason why all the other stuff happen

    LASTLY the most important

    try and see if they eat food that they prep.
    if they are able to consume their own food. it means it is most likely a clean place.

  2. The law should be that ALL food place big or small throughout the world should have open concept where the customer can see the kitchen and possibly where the items to be cooked are stored

  3. They should find them prosecute him and that's more than once can close the building down for 6 months and make them clean it up and if they don't buy by United States health laws take their license away that they cannot open a restaurant for 10 years anywhere in the United States and it's not just Chinese it's every nationality from all over the world that's coming to America thinking there in the Homeland they can do whatever the hell I want

  4. If the Chinese are disgusting in their own country, what makes anyone think they’re going to be clean when they open a restaurant here? Look up Chinese gutter oil to see what I mean.

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