Do you know how to order food in Chinese? In this video, you are going to learn Chinese conversation in a restaurant.
Part 1: Getting a table 00:18-02:06
Part 2: Ordering the food 02:07-07:03
Part 3: Paying the bills 07:04-08:22
Part 4: Packing the leftovers 08:23-08:57
★Listen to conversations at first and then learn the vocabulary and phrases with me.

★Do you have any questions about ordering food in Chinese?Leave your question in the comment section, I will answer for you.

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34 thoughts on “How to Order Food in Chinese | Chinese Conversation in Restaurant”

  1. Hello laoshi simina. Thanks for your hard work and effort for this free video. But, the video went a little too fast for me and most of the sentences were very long and complex and you only said them once without repeating the sentence atleast twice and didn’t explain the words meaning. Can you remake a video on ordering food and repeat sentences more and explain the vocabulary in the sentences? This video is for advanced learners and not beginners / not an emergency travel video because it’s too fast paced and hard to understand.

  2. If boss is dining, point out the boss to the waiter before ordering.
    If peers are dining, strategy to get the bill is interesting. The bigger man. The boss man.
    If you are dining…

  3. an I make a video request? Can you PLEASE make another video on how to order food at a Chinese takeout restaurant/street food? Specifically these types of things: how to order 1 or 2 or 3 portions (basically how to count portions when ordering)), how to ask to make it less spicy, ask for more of 'this topping' and more of 'that topping.' how to ask if they have soy sauce, chili oil/crisp, and how to order multiple things in the menu (in english we say 'and' or just make a pause before asking for the next one like '1 slice of pepperoni pizza, 1 slice of margarita pizza.') Sorry for my long request, but I live in New York City and there are many Chinese food stalls but I am too nervous and shy to approach them and order food.

  4. Hi laoshi! I have a question.

    1) Qǐng wèn nǐ yào diǎn shén me? Literal translation to : May I ask what you like to order?

    2) Qǐng wèn nǐ yào chī diǎn shí me? Literal translation to: May I ask what you like to eat?

    Does that mean shén me and shí me have the same meaning?
    And in sentence 2) theres diǎn it means order right, so does that mean its "May I ask what you like to order & eat?"

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