not your standard Chicago Food Tour! The best of Chinatown, Donuts and Ice Cream!
Food Tour of Chicago other than pizza and hot dogs. We took a good tour of Chicago’s Chinatown to see what great treats we could find! We also went to Stan’s Donuts and Forbidden Root. We did top the day off with Pequod’s pizza and Jeni’s Ice cream! Excellent stops in Chinatown were Eliatea, Qing Xaing Yuan Dumplings and Chui Quan Bakery

Chicago food tours are usually all about deep dish pizza and Chicago Hot Dogs. We wanted to see more! We had a weekend in Chicago and used restaurants as a way to pull us across the city. We found the best view of the Chicago Skyline and got to try dumplings, bubble tea and pork buns in Chicago’s Chinatown just a few short stops on the Red Line of the L from downtown Chicago.

We had an amazing weekend with treats, drinks and a ton of laughs. Be sure to stick around for the outtakes. AND check out Courtney’s clothing line- Escape the Wonted Clothing:

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5 things to EAT in Chicago beyond Pizza and Hot Dogs (ok pizza too) Chicago Food Tour + Chinatown


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