Every wonder why chicken breast stir-fry in your favorite Chinese takeout or restaurant is always so tender and juicy? In this video, I’m sharing TWO simple methods to make your chicken stir-fry just as tender and juicy like takeout!

Best of all, we keep it low carb, gluten-free, and simple so you can easily give these techniques a try at home. Once you learn it, you can apply it to almost every chicken stir-fry. Watch the video through the end so you’ll learn all the tips and tricks.

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What is coconut aminos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb8qAGY-DqI

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24 thoughts on “How to make juicy chicken breast stir-fry – Chinese restaurant style”

  1. Hey friends! This week I share the secrets behind making juicy Chicken Breast Stir-Fry just like your favorite takeout restaurant. There are two methods and both are easy to learn and implement. Be sure to watch it through the end. Let me know which method do you prefer more and why. Thanks for watching! Xo!

  2. Coconut aminos (soy sauce substitute), pepper, kosher salt, arrow root powder (to replace corn starch), baking soda,  olive oil. Oil in skillet in medium high heat. Chicken in one even layer. Do not disturb. Cover with a splash guard for 3 minutes. Use spatula to flip. One minute. Using this, the first method, I just made the softest, moistest, juiciest chicken ever. Thanks!!!

  3. I love your channel….thank you!!! i love Chinese cooking but i dont like the additives, sugars and MSG that is commonly used….so your channel is exactly what i was looking for =)

  4. I always wondered how restaurants turned their stir fried chicken white and made it so silky, I love that texture! Thank you so much for sharing this method. I can’t wait to try it with my chicken in black bean sauce recipe!

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