48 thoughts on “Full day of Chinese takeout! #shorts #foodie #chinesefood #dumplings #eating #china”

  1. My guy the chilli oil was in the steamed dumplings it's just shitty 🤣 rip to the expectations lol what she ate was sriracha, so obviously it's going to be super super spicy. And additional rip to the taste buds 🙏

  2. Hey try to remember that you're in America again LOL and honestly we can't handle the heat air I mean a lot of people can't I will say this that I've heard that the ghost pepper is like it can kill you I know that but just remember that cute you're in America and you know we can't handle the heat here so God bless girl I like all the food that you actually

  3. I love chicken on a stick. There's acl a Chinese restaurant around the corner from me called China Star and I love their chicken on a stick you get 4 for & $5.50. 😀❤️

  4. Living in Seoul, I really miss American Chinese (and affordable Chinese-Chinese). Don't get me wrong: Korean food is amazing… but there is nothing close to the variety of flavors and textures present in Chinese cuisine.

  5. If you don’t know what you’re eating why would you eat it. It’s unacceptable that restaurants never give customers any information. If food you buy in a package has to be labeled with ingredients and nutritional information then restaurants should be held to the same standard to provide that information as well. There is 0 excuse for that information to not be included on the menu.

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