It’s a classic dish from Shandong China. The origin of this dish also determined it’s well known Chinese name “把子肉” (ba zi rou)。It’s cooked when 3 close friends took their oath to be blood brothers at a peach farm. If you were familiar with Chinese novels or legends, you would… Continue Reading Braised pork belly in clay pot Chinese recipe cooking shandong China food 山东把子肉红烧五花肉

My wife was looking forward to visiting Fujian Shaxian Snacks Eastwood because she’s from Fujian, China & she was very excited to eat 2 particular dishes from this restaurant because she often ate them when she was growing up in China. We ate 4 dishes of authentic street food that… Continue Reading Fujian Shaxian Snacks Eastwood | Authentic Street Food | Sydney Australia