Master Chef John Zhang shows you tips on making tender beef stir fry with simple step by step instructions.

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47 thoughts on “How to Cook Perfect Beef Stir Fry Every Time”

  1. Thanks for this! However I can't help but notice there's no way the soy sauce is 1/2 teaspoon? It looks like 3 tbsp at least? Or am I mistaken 😂😂❤❤

  2. I've made this chefs version tonight. I can say you definitely need a wok and alot of oil (otherwise the cornflour when marinating will make beef stick together). Nonetheless, it's tasty 😋

  3. I never boil my veggies and make them mushy. Just stir fry them crispy and fresh. But thank you master chief for posting a good recipe.

  4. I use Canola oil and the smoke point is around 400F and Flash Point is 600 degrees. When you say get your wok hot, how hot are we talking about? When you add the oil do you turn up the heat or lower it? How hot is the oil supposed to be before you add your food? When you do add the food, do you turn it up hi to maintain 400 degrees or higher to get that Wok Hei effect??

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  6. Perfection! Simple ingredients, no talking, clear instructions, beautiful music, gorgeous shots.

    Will try this today. Thanks so much! Subscribing 🤍

  7. Simply awesome skills with the meat cleaver….reminds me when visiting Shanghai. Thank you for a mouth watering appetite for Beef Stir Fry.

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