(Join ISAC Teach In China Program, Be A Language Teacher At Chinese University) James, who will be teaching at Zhejiang Financial College for the 2019-20 school year. He spent a few days doing his medical check, visiting ISAC office, having a seminar, and more importantly tasting Chinese traditional hot pot and getting himself into Chinese society and culture with ISAC staff.

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The ISAC University TEFL Program (ISAC-UTP) offers a rewarding experience for foreign teachers to teach at a Chinese public university while experiencing Chinese culture. Teachers are appointed as foreign language experts in their host universities. You will be teaching your language to university students aged between 18-23. Teaching positions include English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Engineering etc.

ISAC Teach in China Program is a sum of teaching programs ISAC run to recruit teachers at our participating universities and schools. ISAC is working consistently and dedicatedly to improve the standards of our program to attract more quality teachers into public schools and universities in China. Welcome to join our community of foreign teachers in China!

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