44 thoughts on “Cuban Tries Chinese Food for First Time in NYC Chinatown”

  1. You need to make a food trip to Queens. There are world class spots that are affordable. It's not a well kept secret but most don't believe. Some of the best food from so many cultures in a, relatively, small borough.

  2. I have friends from Cuba and the stories they tell me are wild. Stories of survival and pain. Yet the Cuban spirit is to be happy and to see him and others enjoy cultures is so awesome. Glad he’s able to live a life outside of communism.

  3. I’m just a dumb American. I know other countries don’t have it like us. I’ve been to Iraq and Afghanistan for work. But I didn’t know Cuba was that far out of the loop. I ever have served with a few Cuban guys and didn’t know.

  4. Mi madre entro a los Estados Unidos embarazada de mi. Nací en Nueva York y la comida, cultura, y tipo de ambiente que dan los New Yorkinos no se encuentra en los otros estados. Me encanta la comida china de NY, buen provecho.

  5. the black sauce is a type of vinegar. If you were expecting soy sauce it might throw you off. my gf insisted it was soy and then hated it. when I added it without her knowing she liked it.

  6. The is actually Cuba+Chinese fusion cuisine due to the Chinese who migrated there. I've never had it myself but it looks good. Just thought I'd share in case you didnt know. In NY

    Flor de Mayo (two locations)

    La Dinastia

    La Victoria China

    Nuevo Jardin De China

  7. There are always some dumplings restaurants, which i thought not that good(I'm Chinese), always, always have long long line outside. Kind of understand that now after watching this video.😂

  8. all you Democrats that vote for socialism and big government should talk with this man and he would tell you the horrible experience of socialism, communism and big government in Cuba. Maybe all you Democrats who want socialism should trade places with the people from Cuba that wants the American freedom.

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