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Welcome back to our mouthwatering and delicious Street Food series from Guangzhou, China. Join the Chopstick Travel team (Luke Martin) as we show you some of the best street food stalls and local restaurants in beautiful Canton China. Cantonese food is world-renown and Guangzhou is the epicentre of this cuisine. In this video (part 3) we show you where to eat. Here is the information to the restaurants:

Fried Wontons & Wonton Noodles

This legendary noodle shop tucked away in an alley serves up some mean wonton dishes. Watch the chefs prepare your dishes before your eyes in their open kitchen before you are served your food. We ordered their famous fried wontons, which are served golden crispy and piping hot with a sweet chili sauce as well as wonton noodle soup, which is served with a heap of fresh noodles. So delicious and a great breakfast!

Wu Caiji Noodle – 吴财记面家

No. 84 Datong Road and No. 20 Longli (east of Xicheng Duhui) – 大同路84号和隆里20号(西城都荟东侧)
Open Monday to Sunday: 7:00 – 00:30

Double Boiled Soup (Coconut Chicken)

Located on a busy road, this tiny hole-in-the-wall shop has very limited seating. They have tons of metal steam baskets stacked on top of each other and cooking to serve hundreds of customers. The soup is made directly inside the hollowed coconut with a light, clear coconut broth, chopped silken chicken and delicious goji berries. The flavour of the coconut flesh seeps into the broth to give it a beautiful, creamy flavour. A light but surprisingly filling meal! This is a Cantonese special and should not be missed when you’re in Guangzhou China!

Dayan Original Sauce – 达扬原味炖品

No. 160-1 Wenming Road – 文明路160-1号(近文德路)
Open Monday to Sunday: 12:00 – 24:00

Chopped Chicken & Chicken Porridge

Another alleyway hidden gem, this tiny shop serves up all-things chicken. Here you can get the local specialty which is white chicken, chopped into massive pieces, served with soy sauce and mustard sauce for dipping. We also ordered their famous chicken porridge which was rich, creamy and cheap – a local favourite. Order outside and bring your number to your table and you will be served your food fast! Come on an empty stomach because this will leave you super satisfied!

Tongji Chicken Porridge Noodle Shop – 同记鸡粥粉面店

No. 3 Fuguangli Changshou East Road – 长寿东路福广里3号
Open Monday to Sunday: 11:00 – 22:30

What do you think of our China series so far? Your feedback is greatly appreciated! If you haven’t watched Part 1 and Part 2 of our Guangzhou China Street Food series, go check them out! One more video from Guangzhou is still to come and next on the China series is Kunming in Yunnan province. Stay tuned! We also have our HUGE India Street Food Series coming up which we are in the midst of filming now. We will be showing you the BEST and most DELICIOUS Street Food in Jaipur and Street Food in New Delhi! Make sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any videos!!! Thank you so much for watching!

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Always remember that the best part of travel is immersing yourselves in the local culture, and no where better can you immerse yourself than into the Street Food!

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  1. omg I'm currently living in Guangzhou but it seems that you're more familiar with the local food than me. You're really a food expert, mate!

  2. Two types of won tons: Pan Fried & Soup. Two types of Soups: Won Tons Noodles Soup & Blacken Silk Chicken Herbal Soup In Coconut Shell. Two Types of Chicken: Blacken Silk Chicken & White Cut Chicken-two types of sauces: Yellow Mustard & Lite Soy Sauce With Green Onions.

  3. Wow, where has this channel been hiding?! I've been looking all over Youtube for food blogs from China that aren't exaggeratedly excited, annoying guys screaming into the camera. Very happy to have finally found a chill person to show me these exotic foods!

  4. I am from India, reaching Guangzhou next week, Had no fear of staying or moving, but food was one concern, after seeing 2 of your videos I am sure, I'll be able to survive there 😋😋😋😋
    Thanks to you guys for bringing up no fuss Vlog exactly to the point, Bingo.

  5. You both remind me of my late husband he love his noble very good food and easy to cook them thank you for sharing your beautiful food enjoy your holiday there thank you. 7–7–19

  6. Beautiful place in. China very healthy foods fresh as well the Chinese people don,t buy food if they not fresh love the food the Chinese people don,t like foods if they not fresh we don,t buy them thank you for sharing very good. 7–7–19

  7. so what happens to the coconut flesh cos dont see any of those parts been eaten? and hope its not reuse again with the same coconut flesh serve to the next customer?

  8. Luke,actually you can find the best restaurant of guangzhou in ZhuJiang New town(near by the canton tower).But any way,the best street food in guangzhou is located in the old town.

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