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49 thoughts on “Big Guy Faints Trying Hunan Cuisine • Braised Pork Belly • Beef w/ Cumin • Seaweed Egg Flower Soup”

  1. Everything looks so delicious Nate! The beautiful fresh herbs and the food looks absolutely mouthwatering! You guys are so friendly and kind! Always super respectful everywhere you go. You make people feel so comfortable to be around you because you put off great energy and beautiful vibes! It's so amazing how you pray even in public at restaurants. Marcus and I pray as well, we have a lot to be grateful for with the baby and our life and friends like you! Bless you and Mama always! Bless Steven, Des and baby boy always. Love you Nate darling ❤🙏

  2. I love and adore how you are so acommodating to your guest on your channel. I know you are a good hosted and make sure everyone is taken care of before you. Very sweet and I see your parents raised you right.

  3. You HAVE to try China Village restaurant if you haven’t been there it’s in Phoenix on Indian school road. I used to live close by before and it was my FAVORITE Chinese food place! The fried rice soup is amazing😭 everything is!! I miss living in Arizona because of the great food they had there!! Saludos desde Tijuana💚 come visit me🥰

  4. Watch out for baby D! She loves all them hostess snacks! She knows all the new ones before they even hit the streets! Don’t let chico bite you in da butt, either!!!

  5. This food looks phenomenal. I am truly jealous. I love how steven looks for your reactions! Hes like a live mukbang from BGA! Love the duo. Muaaaah!

  6. We have a similar restaurant here in VA. Peter Chang, NOT PF Chang, and it is wonderful!😋 The dishes on the menu are authentic szechuan.

  7. Thanx for the recommend. I've been trying to find a seaweed soup. The ladies are soo friendly despite the language barrier. So happy that this place is near where I start my new job location tomorrow. Yay

  8. Old new subscriber omg you're so quiet now. Maybe because you're out n about
    Love love luuuuuuuuv you either way 💗 💓 ❤ 💕 💛 💖 so nice to see you have a wonderful partner to join you when your favorite girl ain't have time jk
    So happy I found you again 💓 💛 💗 💕 ❤ 💖

  9. I'm the exact same way Big Guy 👍🏿 I carry my bottle alcohol everywhere I go, and I wish we had one, not sure if we have an authentic Asian restaurant here where I live, but I will be googling it to find out😋😋 other than that the food looks amazing I know it tastes delicious, I'm always watching Asian Mukbangs, I watch a both American, Asian, any other country I love all the Mukbangs 😊😊glad you all had a great time,good to see Steve,👋👋 hi Steve!!😊 LOVE AND HUGS ❤️

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