🌶 Let a local bring you to try the 10 best street food at Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, or Petaling Street (Jalan Petaling)

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Most of these stalls has been around for decades. Many are still cooked by the older generation, and some even have branches around Kuala Lumpur.

*Hon Kee Porridge is incorrect. It is Yooi Kee Chee Cheung Fun & Porridge instead.

0:00 Petaling Street
0:45 Yong Tau Foo
2:23 Air Mata Kucing
3:08 Hokkien Mee
7:20 Curry Laksa
9:09 Oldest Taoist Temple in KL
9:58 Soya Cincau
10:52 Muah Chee
12:49 Petaling Street Intersection
13:22 Congee
16:28 Apam Balik
18:18 Lala Noodles
20:07 Kwai Chai Hong
21:07 Egg Tart


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