Double-cooked Meat(Hou Guo Rou 回锅肉)is the #1 most-ordered dish in Sichuan restaurants.


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  1. This here is "tian mian jiang", a sweet been sauce similar to Hoisin. Actually this is what they originally serve the famous Beijing Duck with. Hoisin,whoever, can be used a sa substitute.

  2. This is MY FAVOURITE! If I wasn't vegetarian anymore, I would ask my Grandma to make it! Do you have a recipe for vegetarians? 😀 Thank you for all you videos!

  3. at your supermarket store.. ask the butcher though, never get it in the prepackaged stuff… because it's overpriced and the quantity is never what u pay for.

  4. Garlic chives can be found in Asian grocery stores stateside, but probably only in major metro areas with substantial Asian populations. I've definitely seen them in New York City's Chinatown.

  5. Wow, just stumbled upon your channel and love it!! I'm dutch but love Chinese food and it feels like I'm finally seeing authentic Chinese recipes and cooking technique. You can tell just by the way you move that you're a good cook!

  6. @Pouwjack you go girl! yeqiang, you are a very good cook, and i learnt few tricks from you…. just ignore those negative commentators "who are just so prefect"….. unlike you and me, i bet they can only speak one language, and not able to share their special life skills with us on youtube…..

  7. Adding bell peppers to Hui Guo Rou is a popular method in the U.S. and other provinces of China. Many Chinese cookbook authors, such as Eileen Yin-Fei Lo (of Cantonese origin) call for them in their recipes. In Sichuan they use garlic chives, a local ingredient not to be found here, so leeks are used instead. I've eaten versions of this dish made with cabbage. Not the most authentic preparation, but still tasted very good. A truly wonderful dish!!!

  8. oh, wilmafingerdew, i'm guessing u are a chinese master chef from china?? oooh

    you're probably not even chinese, stop acting smart

  9. Thank you for making the video! It looks really delicious!! By the way, I'm just curious, are you a Szechuan native (who current resides in the States)?

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