5600 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
+1(702) 272-2462

Website (Yelp) –

Food in the Video:
1.  Clay-Pot Curry Brisket – $12.88
2.  Beef Ribeye w/ Black Pepper – $18.88
3.  Salt & Pepper Pork Chop – $11.88
4.  Seafood Pan-fried Noodle – $10.88
5.  Live Lobster (2) ……………  $147.00
                                       (2 @ $73.50 ea)

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22 thoughts on “SK Seafood Chinese Restaurant”

  1. I’m a Las Vegas Local and I go to SK Seafood all the time. The seafood prices there do get pricey, but I believe it’s market priced? Probably depends on season too because those were Boston Lobsters. So we can’t compare prices in NYC. You’re literally eating Seafood in a desert, where the lobster is flown in by a plane, so there’s got to be a price tagged on that. I usually just steam my Lobster at home though when I buy it at a Market, which is less expensive. It’s pretty cool seeing my favorite Chinese restaurant in your channel though.

  2. Your comments on the addicting curry beef and SK being a legit Chinese restaurant were 💯. (Check my Yelp review).

    Moving from CA to Vegas and look forward to visiting all of your recommended spots!

  3. The bigger lobster is older so meat is more chewy. On CNBC Billionaire restaurant Tilman Fertitie said price of crab & lobster have really zoomed up due to people charging out & spending high ticket items, like fresh lobster. Really like your closeup vlogs & comments. Best on LV ,thanks from a foodie. I fly in & find better food often off the strip.Biggest meal is Chinese NY eve.

  4. Thank you for your recommendations. Looks like tomorrow, Saturday, I will be indulging myself with a nice dinner at SK Seafood. Had I not cooked for tonight's meal, I should have been there fast. I will make sure to mention to the manager that I heard the advertisement from Las Vegas Eats 702.

  5. for chow mein i like the noodles crispy….so i order the sauce on the side. those lobsters were overpriced. they looked very small. should have gone for the crab instead.

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