Gordon Ramsay reveals the who will go through to the next stage of the competition.

Gordon Ramsay in search of Britain’s best restaurant. Top restaurants from around the UK compete to win the title.

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22 thoughts on “Best Chinese Restaurant, Result | Gordon Ramsay”

  1. Salute to all the chefs and kitchen staffs, It never been easy to work in the hot kitchen at all, working all day long hours. When is busy you will see some swearing start to come out for sure

  2. How an earth people here said it wasn't autentic enough or whatever, i mean you Make money in England you have to cater your customers taste,and the other thing is these contenders still have Chinese routes,and actually the kai chef worked in Asia before

  3. Gordon Ramsay he know nothing about Asian food , how can you let someone to judge your food without knowing how to cook in a Asian ways , it all bullshit , this wanker only judge by the decoration and the color of the food or maybe the taste and this Asian chef are happy by his judgement kkkk it all bullshit kkkk

  4. I like Ramsey but it seems like there's never a moment of calm with him. Perhaps seeing the father working so hard, dedicated to his cooking will remind him that we cannot and will never win against the Chinese. Deep lessons to be learnt here…

  5. I'd admit that it's uncommon to see a Chinese family showing so much public affection for one another, that's something many Chinese can learn from western culture but at at the same time the west can learn a lot about the love and sacrifice Chinese families have for each other. There's a saying in Chinese cultures that translates to "even if the parents have to sell the scrap metal from their last wok, they'll do it to put their kids through school and to provide them with a brighter future". No Chinese parents or grandparents that I have met have ever became selfish when it comes to their Children. The investment Chinese parents put into their children and the piety that is returned is heartwarmingly phenomenal, and that is something I think a lot western parents can learn from.

  6. Any time there's Chinese food, you get a mob of Chinese-food-elitest people every time claiming it's not real Chinese food. You act like real Chinese food is more rare than bigfoot, THE ALL SO ELUSIVE AND MYTHICAL CHINESE FOOD! I don't believe it actually exists at this point. Because APPARENTLY no one outside of China can make a single one of their dishes according to you people…

  7. That's why Michelin never judge Chinese restaurant. They even don't have standard or ability to judge them. I respect Gorden as a chef master for Western-style food, no for chinese food.

  8. I wanted to see those Chinese restaurants with the basic kind of Chinese food that I eat at most Chinese restaurants, not some fancy ass American looking dish that can only fill a mouse.

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