9 thoughts on “Americanized Chinese Food V.S Authentic Chinese Food”

  1. I like oriental foods be it Chinese, Japanese or Korean. There are three woks in my house and they DO get used. Since I'm a Diabetic I don't use a lot of sugar or salt. While stationed in Korea I would go to restaurants where I could watch the cooks cook so I could learn and my wife likes when I pull out the wok. I'll probably be doing some kind of fried rice tomorrow but wait until you've had my bok choi with chicken, mushrooms and carrots.

  2. Many of the Chinese food in America does not exist in China but do exist in the Philippines (beef brocoli, chopsuey, egg rolls, Chowmien noodles cooked in American style, orange chicken….etc.)

  3. I personally don't think that Cantonese food is famous for its sweetness. Even though there are many sweet dishes in Cantonese cuisine but the main idea should be similar to Jiangsu cuisine, use seasonal ingredients and try to bring out the umami of dishes using simple seasonings. That's why u can see all the steamed dishes or sashimi in Cantonese food.

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