Here are some of the dishes you NEED to get at a Hunan restaurant.

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Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan


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49 thoughts on “4 Must Try SPICY Dishes at The BEST Hunan Chinese Restaurant in New York!”

  1. I don't believe for a second that this woman likes these dishes. Lol She's just trying to be nice. Also, if she's a model, she doesn't eat that much anyway! Lol

  2. She is such a natural beauty who loves eating and he is selling so well the fish that taste like chicken (as she said) to the ones who love eating fish !!!

    Probably one of the best episode ever

  3. the best food is CANTONESE food!..Mike says don't drink anything cold with spicy'll congeal in your stomach..why does he have a tall glass of ice water?

  4. Hey Mike. I hate to be a troll. But when she mentioned if she was in Tibet she would be eating yak meat. You mentioned you could not eat something so cute. I think you were thinking of llamas. Different country. Yaks are not cute. But at the very least you know I was actually listening to you. Apparently everyone else noticed your guest more than the content of your video.

  5. My first time eating Hunan cuisine, I added hot oil, and my mouth was burning (I was maybe seven). Your advice about the hot tea reminded me of our waiter, who suggested that I drink hot tea, because it would kill the burn of the hot oil. Hunan and Sichuan are still my favorite Chinese cuisines.

  6. I think most animals I eat are cute, they’re just so delicious it overwhelms the cute. An animal can’t be just cute to me unless it’s unsafe or undesirable to eat…or a pet and even then I might consider it under the right circumstances. Bears are some of the only wild animals I don’t think of as food first because I don’t like to eat predators, they tend to be full of parasites.

  7. Can't wait for the Tibetan video, is it out yet? We have a huge Nepalese population, and a lot of their restaurants in my home town and I love it.

  8. Thank you to you Mr. Chen and your guest for teaching me about Hunan style food. I am trying to learn all I can about Asian cuisine and how to pronounce the dishes I want to eat. I have eaten plenty of Native American and American styles, but not truly as authentic as possible Asian cuisines in America. My area has been experiencing a serious growth in different styles of authentic cuisines lately. Some I actually grew up with (Filipino and some Chinese), but sadly we lacked authentic cuisines of Asia in restaurants for most of my life. I am excited to find many authentic Asian cuisines in my area finally. We still lack in Hot pots and Korean BBQ.

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