What do you love about the Cantonese cuisine?

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Wu’s Wonton King https://www.yelp.com/biz/wus-wonton-king-new-york?osq=wu%27s
Noodle Village https://www.yelp.com/biz/noodle-village-new-york-7?osq=noodle+village
Hop Kee https://www.yelp.com/biz/hop-kee-new-york
Congee Village https://www.yelp.com/biz/congee-village-new-york
Kong Sihk Tong https://www.yelp.com/biz/kong-sihk-tong-%E6%B8%AF%E9%A3%9F%E5%A0%82-new-york
ChaoZhou in Los Angeles https://www.yelp.com/biz/chao-wei-ju-san-gabriel-2?osq=chao+wei+ju

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27 thoughts on “What Makes Cantonese Food So Good? (Chinese Food Tour)”

  1. There're two things that I love about Cantonese, 1 their food and 2 their women. I think both are underrated, especially the second. Women from western GD and GX are some of the sweetest that I've ever met.

  2. It would be amazing to try to hunt down some of the menus from when Chinese restaurants first started opening in the States! Food, history, culture <3

  3. Cantonese food is among the world's finest food. It does not need to change except maybe friendlier waiters lol, but the best Cantonese food is spiritual and a balance of the elements. As a Jewish guy who loves Chinese food Cantonese is the finest if you have the taste to appreciate the balance

  4. LOL!!! I was on the dim sum part and David was like, the sans, the different sans, they have the different sans, the different mountains. You got the toy san. The Wudan san. The yellow river. Things like that. 😊

  5. I don't like wonton noodle soup, but give me a bowl of beef brisket rice noodle(Hor Fun) soup, that's my comfort food right there. Takes me back to my childhood in Hong Kong. Haven't tasted it again in Canada, sadly. They try to replicate it here in Canada with no success. That stuff is better than pho, better than ramen. Best noodle soup in the world, for me.

  6. 33:41…Gee Yuk Beng, literally "pork cookie' I ate since I was like 5. Both my parents came from Taishan. As an alternate flavour enhancement my ma wold put salted duck egg in it. Great with a bowl of steamed rice. Peasant food. Simple ingredients for the subsistence farmer.

  7. So INSANELY HAPPY to see the Fung Brothers again! I followed you years ago for a long time, until you seemed to stop posting. I am beyond glad to see you are back!!! Keep posting guys. Sending you love and appreciation. Love be learning about various Chinese food.

  8. Andrew let us know how that hair transplant turn out (looks good so far from my vantage point) because I'm pretty sure a few of us here needed it. Nice segment by the way. Cantonese is still the best 'Chinese' food.

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