Rice makes up a major part of the diet of more than 3 billion people around the globe. The staple grain is used in savory dishes like Spain’s paella and sweet dishes like Filipino champorado. Rice is believed to have first been cultivated in China, which is also the world’s largest producer of rice today. While there are so many dishes that include this popular grain, we can only show some of the best regional rice dishes that exist around the globe. Here’s how rice is eaten in a few different ways around the world.

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16 Rice Dishes From Around The World


41 thoughts on “16 Rice Dishes From Around The World”

  1. In Poland, we eat the rice as a side dish, with meat and veggies. It's also one of ingredients of one of popular polish dishes, known as Gołąbki (Gołąb means Pigeon in Polish). It's polish take on romanian sarmale and is also known as "Polish Cabbage Rolls". In this dish, this roll's filling is made by mixing of minced meat with rice and, later, the cabbage leaves are rolled aroud filling. It's topped with tomato sauce.

  2. As an Arab, my Indian brothas this video did yall DIRTY that shit was the blandest ungliest looking biryani I've ever seen in my life, looked like a white person made it that was still white it had NO SPICE.

  3. جدًا عرضك رائع ومميز
    تمنيت لو كان هناك طبق ارز من بلدي🇸🇦
    المملكة العربية السعوديه
    حيث تمتلك طبق يعرف باسم
    الكبسه السعوديه
    وهي مكونه من الارز و
    اللحم او الدجاج

    والبهارات مع الطماطم لاعطاء اللون الاحمر للارز
    تمنياتي ان تجربيه

  4. In India all states have their own variety of rice dishes. Pulao, jeera rice, lemon rice, chitrana, indian fried rice, curd rice, kheer are some of popular variety of them. Biriyani is just another of them

  5. In Iran We Every day Eat Rice and We have , Polo ,Chelo ,Tahdig and Tahchin even we make sweets and Drinks from rice like Faloode and Reshtekhoshkar and also in Iran, Iranian Rice are More Expensive than Indian or Thai rice's

  6. Glad they included Mansaf because its trulyone of the best most delicious things on the planettt & deserves more recognition

    Idk why the vid showed sticky white rice tho 🤨 never seen that – go for fluffy yellow turmeric rice & eat it in a bowl not a plate, so you can really pour enough yogurt sauce 🤤

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