Today, we’re going on a Spicy Sichuan food crawl exploring 4 different innovative forms of the cuisine. Why is taking over? Let’s find out.

Tao’s Kitchen “Kou Shui Ji”
Hibiscus Tree (Modern Szechuan Hot Pots)
DX Lab – Chengdu Hand-Street Foods
Spicy Charm

0:00 – Intro
1:10 – Qingdao Chicken
5:30 – Hibiscus Tree Hot Bowls
7:35 – Chengdu Street Foods
11:50 – Spicy Charm
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EDITOR // Paul Liu
MUSIC // Origami Beats (, RickyFlarez (http://instagram/thebriando) Birocratic Beats, Erik Kingsley

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47 thoughts on “WHY SICHUAN FOOD IS TAKING OVER!! (Spicy Chinese Food Crawl!)”

  1. china really need make cooking anime/donghua series to promoting all they food , japanese do that they promoting food via anime like food wars series , the irony is japan also make anime about chinese food , Cooking Master Boy who promoting Beijing, Szechuan, Shanghai, and Guangdong food .

  2. I can honestly say that I've always liked Chinese cuisine but, the cuisine of Sichuan province has given me a a newfound appreciation and scope of what Chinese cuisine can be. From that point, I've learned about Shanghai, Chengdu, Guandong and so much more through this "gateway" introduction into the Chinese culinary world.

  3. My personal firt time of tasting of Sichuan/Chuan cai food was through my Ghananian born school friend in 1992. He mostly ordered his Chinese food from a local Chinese takeaway which was owned by a Sichuanese born man, the speciality was mostly Sichuanese cuisine. That time the main featured Chinese cuisine was mainly Cantonese/Guangdongese/Guangdongcai/Yuecai food. The area was Plaistow, London.

  4. authentic sichuan food is the best in the world. Mapo tofu and mala xiang guo. I can eat that for the rest of my life till I die. I dont need anything else. I have seen the top of the mountain

  5. Hi all, if you want to travel to or live in SiChuan, contact me for lovely apartments here.I speak fluent English and can help you on local stuff. contact me by wechat id : age_knight

  6. Sichuan food? No it’s just spicy, thankfully, as spicy food is life cause it has taste not bland mash potatoes (but hey that’s not that bad too) but spicy chicken sandwiches, Howlin rays in LA being so popular for spicy fried chicken and Indian food getting more popular just clearly millennials digging spicy food more. So naturally Sichuan for Chinese food is picking up.

  7. Spicey and salty and heartburn!! Once in a while overwhelming on my stomach!!!💩🤪 Canton food all day sorry definitely overrated!!

  8. When i was in China in 2006/2007 my first time in Asia ever at age 19.

    Went to that province and had really hot chinese food. Loved it. Also was in a small town that was famous for salty chicken.

    Lived in Thailand for 6 years and loved their spicey food. My sister in-law who is Thai is an amazing cook!

  9. Sichuan food is not just about the heat. Theres a famous saying in Sichuan food that goes 一菜一格 百菜百味, which basically says Sichuan cuisine has a diverse and complex flavor profile. A well known but yet rarely popular Sichuan dish is called kai shui bai cai 开水白菜(boiled Napa cabbage). This dish is simply phenomenal; YouTube that name and you shall see that Sichuan food is not just spicy.

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