Why do Jewish people eat Chinese food on Christmas? It’s actually about more than just the convenience of being open on a holiday. When Eastern European Jews and Chinese immigrants settled in Lower Manhattan, New York, around the turn of the 20th century, both of these large non-Christian groups found themselves without plans for the holiday.

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  2. We're the only ones that are frugal enough to look for the lunch special that is $11 gives you about 2 pounds of food in Canada lol

  3. I know many Jews eat Chinese food during Xmas cause they wanted to thank and remember the Chinese for saving them during WW2, even though, China was in turmoil! Currently, there are still a lot of Jews living thru out China. The first largest Jews establishment in China was in Kaifeng during the Sony Dynasty and then later in Shanghai during WW2.

  4. Chinese food is my Birthday food, Halloween food, Easter food, St. Patrick's food, etc. There's never a reason not to eat Chinese food.

  5. Nice but here's a question from a non-American Chinese guy: Aren't there any Jewish restaurants that open on Christmas? I mean even the Chinese could go eat there if they exist

  6. I saw a lot of comment about using lard and I can assure you that you’re fine. They do do that in south eastern China And northern China but not really in eastern, central and western China. In American Chinese food lard is rarely, if ever used since it is hard to find and most dishes that Americans eat don’t need lard for flavoring. I used to work at a Chinese restaurant and the cook told me that he never served any dish with lard.

  7. So I guess there are many Intercultural relationships between Jewish and Chinese Americans, and individuals who describe themselves as Jewish Chinese Americans. ☺

  8. Eating Chinese food on Christmas also says that there are people who do not celebrate Christmas and this is what they do on Christmas Eve. It is a win win for the Chinese and the Jews!

  9. My family and I used to have Chinese food every Christmas in New York – it was delicious and the only restaurants open on Christmas day. I have been doing that with friends in Las Vegas for years until this year – covid. I bought some Chinese appetizers to have at home – sad – hope next year will be almost like old times……….

  10. We have had Chinese food every Christmas Eve since I was in 4th grade, I’m 59 now. My father’s birthday was Christmas Eve, his parent’s wedding anniversary is also the 24th. He was their only child so they spent every Christmas with us. My grandmother had many food allergies and that was the only food she could eat in a restaurant. My daughters have continued the tradition of Chinese on Christmas Eve. It brings so many fond memories of my grandmother in her mink stole and big diamond dinner ring she only wore that night.

  11. “We also participated in some Christmas festivities” > ongoing decline of Judaism in US.

    And Jews eat/ate Chinese food on Christmas because: a) it was a holiday, so the entire family was at home, b) Christians stayed in, to celebrate Christmas, so restaurants were less crowded, and c) Chinese restaurants were usually the only restaurants that were open. (For reasons a) and b), ditto for movies).

    Sorry, no “mystical” bond between Jews and Chinese, no “sorta kosher” food, etc.

  12. We're Baha'is rather than Jews , and we've adopted this custom as well. See whatever blockbuster movie got released on Christmas and patronize our favorite local Chinese restaurant. We'll, till CoVid, anyway. I guess this year it's Wonder Woman on HBOMax and curbside pick-up!

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