You may have heard of mouth numbing Sichuan food, but have you heard of the even spicier Chinese cuisine, Hunan food before? I took my parents to try this delicious cuisine and hear their thoughts!

Restaurant name: Little Hunan
Address: 17 Goulburn St, Haymarket NSW 2000

What we ordered:
– 小炒黄牛肉 beef stir fry with pickled red chilli
– 毛氏红烧肉 Chairman Mao’s red braised pork
– 小湖南炒腊肉 Smoked pork belly with bean curd
– 剁椒蒸活鱼 Steamed fish with fermented chopped Hunan Chilli
– 手撕包菜 hand torn cabbage

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39 thoughts on “We tried the infamously spicy HUNAN FOOD 湘菜 ….. RIP digestive system”

  1. Mum and Dad have earned a well deserved break from spicy food for the next few weeks! But this spicy series will continue!! If anyone knows a good Jiangxi, Guizhou or Yunnan restaurant in Sydney plz let me know hehe

  2. u need to stop smelling….thats annoying…my mom says when u smell u r a dog…LOL….only dog smell profusely…all ur vlog of food u intend to smell ……need 2 stop it now..smelling and tasting some food can have a total differnet outcome….smelling a food doesnt tell u much ……….also u need to eat white rice with all ur dishes…order white rice…period..cant eat just like that…cheers

  3. I’m an ABC American born Chinese. I normally like spicy food. I married a genuine Hunanese girl and realized I don’t even come close to eating spicy food. She has a refrigerator full of various chili oil and spices, hardly any room for my mayonnaise and mustard.

  4. despite the food ! CHINA IS A FASCIST TOTALITARIAN REGIME ! so we should stop representing a regime rather empower the inner democratic forces <! against this criminal terror regime !

  5. Thanks so much for introducing Hunan food to us!! Was brought up in Cantonese cuisine and walked pass this restaurant and other regional Chinese ones hundreds of times but never got the gut to try them! I love spicy food and would definitely try this restaurant coz your video!👍🏼

  6. Lovers of Sichuan cuisine normally would love Hunan cuisine too, vice versa.

    But there is definitely a rivalry between the two styles, both on the consumer side, and the restaurant side.

  7. They even tone the spice down in Guangdong. Let alone Australia.
    I personally can't handle Changsha (Hunan capital city) spice, went there, swore I'd never touch authentic Hunan dishes again.

    Much rather have cantonized 湘菜.
    Even though I'm part Sichuanese by blood.

  8. Amy I just love you and your channel. Your family are amazing, and your love and passion for Chinese culture and food is so is inspiring- I have added China to my travel bucket list because of your content. I can’t wait to try all this amazing food

  9. Fried meat with green pepper、Fried chicken with tea、Beer Duck、Hunan Cai you Bai Dao snack、Those who like spicy food will definitely like it.

  10. Chairman Mao was actually from a peasant village in Hunan, and his love of chili peppers was legendary. He would famously spread crushed peppers on slices of watermelon, and he even had a spicy pork dish named after him (Mao's Red Braised Pork).

  11. Hot and humid regions tend to eat hot spicy food or spice spicy food has everything to do with taste bud stimulation. High temperature and humidity tends to affect your taste buds (kinda make it harder to taste things), and strongly favored food help with the enjoyment of eating in these regions.

  12. As a Chinese I myself recently learnt that apparently neither Sichuan nor Hunan cuisine is the spiciest but Jiangxi cuisine is what people have described as "变态辣" even within China. Definitely give it a try if you happen to chance upon it but I believe it is less popular than Sichuan and Hunan cuisine and comparatively more difficult to find.

  13. 我真的是很佩服她的父母 懂得一合一唱 就算是吃不了 不喜欢 但她的父母还是很随和的接受 理解 ,很喜欢他们的聊天方式

  14. I only have one suggestion for you. If you want to smell the dishes, you can use your hands to blow the air to your nose. You know that your nose is fabulous, enchanting and charming , but you use your nose to be close to the cuisine, the action is impolite to others. Ok anyway, you will get it in some day!

  15. The rivalry can be summed up as the following "sichuanese are not afraid of spicy foods, hunanese are afraid of foods not being spicy"

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