We are BACK with one of the BIGGEST food tour videos ever! What upppp CHINATOWN!

We originally had a budget of $100 but that flew out the window LOL we ate a LOT this video so I hope you’re excited! There’s noodles, dumplings, buns and desserts. We try food from Northern China, Eastern China, Southern China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

We visit Kwan Noodle Bar, Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Gourmet, Nanjing Dumpling, Xi’an Cuisine, Hong Kong Day Dessert and of course, Emperor’s Garden Cream Puffs. Special mentions to Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant, Happy Chef and Dragon Espresso who we wanted to hit, but couldn’t make it to in today’s video – all of which are important businesses in Chinatown’s food scene!

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Videography by the very handsome:
Brian Nguyen | https://www.instagram.com/brianguyenedits/

Special thanks to our guest Kevin Cheng for joining this video. Find his work at:

Music used:
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Locations visited and what we ordered:

Kwan Noodle Bar
/ Hong Kong-style cart noodles, curry fish balls and pig skin, pig trotters

Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Gourmet
/ Glutinous rice roll, soy milk & rice milk, scallion pancake with egg, black pepper pork bun, pork and cabbage dumplings, fried breadstick, Taiwanese fried chicken

Nanjing Dumpling
/ steamed pork and prawn dumplings, pan-fried beef dumplings

Xi’an Cuisine
/ knife-sliced noodles with vegetables and spicy sauce (oil-splash), pork pita bread

Hong Kong Day Dessert
/ HK classic eggette, mango & pomelo sago, mango and cream pancake, black sesame and walnut half-half soup, crepe cake

Emperor’s Garden Puffs
/ Hot custard puffs

Location: Chinatown, Haymarket, Sydney


45 thoughts on “WE TRIED THE BEST FOOD IN CHINATOWN! Sydney Chinatown Food Tour vlog eating AS MUCH AS WE CAN w $200”

  1. Just found your channel randomly … thanks for a great video. Chinatown has always been my favourite part of the city and I really want it to come back to life … thanks guys 🙂

  2. The light rail single handedly killed off Chinatown and the southern end of the Sydney CBD. There is no connectivity with with the northern end, remember when they had the free 555 shuttle bus. They should make the light rail (or public transport in general) free between the boundaries of the CBD like Melbourne. It's a wasted resource anyway if no one is using it.

  3. Such a awesome video my friend ..I love all the places you visited from the Noodles at Kwan to the sesame pork bun and iconic custard puffs ..I can’t wait to try out some of these places ..Thanks for sharing ..x💕🥰❤️

  4. The government want chinatown to die out so they can redevelop it just like the lockout laws killed kings cross to pave the way for development.We should all get down there and support it so we don't loose another iconic part of sydney.

  5. nice to see Kwan noodle bar get a shout out – Cart noodle is great, owner is friendly. Unfortunately they closing up shop – last day of trading will be Saturday 29th October 2022. So anyone want to try it get in before they gone

  6. Great vid & new places/things to try 🤤 Curious what you would have thought of the Happy Chef laksa. Had the prawn laksa recently, not 'happy'. Price gone up, size & quality down. Very ordinary, hoping it was not the end of an era.

  7. Chinatown is so used to having day trippers & tourists falling over themselves to eat there they’ve never had to even try with customer service etc & when that stopped with Covid they struggle because locals know it’s overpriced & quality sometimes suffers, they’ve never had to make an effort, never had to rely on return clients whereas suburban Asian restaurants have always relied on service & quality because the whole basis of their business is getting the same people in week in week out
    Two very different business models with similar food & it’s where Chinatown has fallen in a bit of a hole

  8. I am definitely checking out Mother Chu's for that Black Pepper Pork Bun. You would enjoy the Hungry Paulie Pie at Hungry Paulie if you check out World Square

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