I’m not gonna stress how dope the LP is.


24 thoughts on “The Fugees – Have It Your Way Chinese Restaurant Skit”

  1. I laughed so hard when I was 15 and work in a Chinese Take-Away in Wales.
    I might be the one who singing killing me softly in a Chinese restaurant lol.

  2. Yo, let's go to this next Chinese-Muslim joint
    We could get some shrimp fried rice and make Salah at the same time
    A'ight, cool
    "You are not alone"
    Ayo, ayo, Chang Wang, what's up?
    I'll be right out
    Right, right, one second
    Okay, then, fine, your order
    Alright, let me get, um
    Let me get two of them beef fried rices over there
    Let me get a half a chicken wing
    Don't put that little, that little retarded leg in it 'cause (Right)
    Cut, cut that off (Okay then)
    Don't put no onions in my, in my white rice
    Yo, yo, yo, I need four chicken wings fried hard and shit
    What's this? Hold on? What's this?
    The two of you? At once?
    Okay, then, you want beef
    No, no, we want beef to eat, we ain't got no beef
    I want four chicken wings fried hard, nigga (Fine)
    What the fuck is you talking 'bout?
    Alright, I'll kick your monkey asses my fucking self
    Woah, woah, what are you coming over the counter for, man?
    Listen to me, you think I open a restaurant
    In the middle of the hood and don't know what's going on? (Nigga, I'll)
    I fucking represent (I'll fuck you the fuck up)
    I will avenge my brothers by representing and whooping your ass, word is bond
    Nigga, this ain't Channel 5, nigga (Okay then)
    Somebody gonna die for real
    I must show you Flying Fist of Judah (You ain't gonna show me shit)
    That's right (I'ma show you these nuts)
    You and you (Straight from Mortal Kombat)
    You're just talking, obviously the two of you are just bitch-ass niggas
    Nigga, well let's do something then, you talking this old bullshit
    What's up? So what's up? (Okay then)
    What's up, nigga? What's up, punk-ass?
    Alright, this is a Chinese restaurant
    But like Burger King, have it your way
    Ah! Ah! This nigga here…

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