We try a homestyle Cantonese spot and an elevated Cantonese spot. We have many thoughts.

Opal at Sheraton LA San Gabriel
303 E Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA

Sam Woo BBQ
140 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA


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UPSCALE vs CASUAL CANTONESE FOOD (What is Cantonese?) | Fung Bros

Fung Bros


32 thoughts on “UPSCALE vs CASUAL CANTONESE FOOD (What is Cantonese?) | Fung Bros”

  1. Cantonese restaurants are open so late because of the work culture that we have. Everyone works late and so they have dinner late and the restaurants after to that. We even have a word for it, siu yeh.

  2. In future Canto video, kindly mention that is was the Cantonese, specifically the Toisanese, (Hoisan Gnin), whom built the difficult
    part of the Transcontinental Railroad: the western section, through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

  3. wait wtf you guys didn't have bedtime? my parents are HK canto are defo not open minded about food haha… my mom is strict on what i eat and cook

  4. Funny thing about being born and raised in Hawaii is that we actually have a lot of Cantonese food places and we are heavily influenced by Cantonese and Japanese and Korean people mixed with the Polynesian and Puerto Rican people too. So it’s like that attitude of having the negative thoughts of family and past generations is so thick there that it really can be super toxic when one or two people decide to go for something that is considered “outside the norm.” The Filipino people are highly creative and take chances and they are looked down on for being out of the box. What’s insane is most of the locals are mixed. Like my family is mixed with PuertoRican Portuguese Filipino and then everyone married out: Korean, Chinese, AfricanAmerican, White, Polynesian etc. so it’s this wide range of thoughts and ideas and background just mixed up together. So like growing up in the middle of that makes it more difficult to identify ourselves individually and grow. Main reason why I left the island honestly to be able to grow.

  5. To answer their questions, the future of Cantonese Food would remain the same as present and the past at least 90%. If there any more new foods has yet to introduce in the menu and somehow invent by one of the chefs would be the future of Cantonese Food. Then at the same time, I don't wish any of the items in the menu become extinct and already few of food recipes may have been gone in history.

  6. Second restaurant looks like a black store. Can get better quality for cheaper price. Cantonese food is prob the best Chinese cuisine and most complex

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