Take a Cheap Street Food Tour of Flushing, NYC with us! Flushing is the best place to get the cheapest and tastiest food in NYC. Everything we’re trying today is under $5 so get ready for this epic food crawl!


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Rules for today are simple: Eat delicious food for Under $5!
We went to four different spots in Flushing, Queens to try a variety of foods for under $5!! We’re trying everything from chicken skewers to meat pies to the Rolling Donkey (rolled red bean mochi). Flushing is a must-visit food spot in NYC. Located in Queens, it has a reputation for being one of the best places in NYC for cheap and authentic Asian dishes. Today, we’re focusing on THE cheapest foods that you can get in Flushing in order to prove that some of the best meals can still be found for under $5. Our epic food crawl includes food from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong style eats! So let us be your Flushing Food Guides for some of the cheapest eats you can find in NYC! Here’s a list of the food spots we visited:

Number 1 Super Snack
Fried Chicken Skewer ($1.75)
Fried Vegetable Balls ($1.75)
Scallion pancake ($1.50)
Radish Cake aka fried vegetable cake ($1.75)

Sheng Jin
Chinese chive pancake ($2.00)
Tofu nao – small ($3.00)
Rolling Donkey ($2.00)
Tianjin style jianbing ($5.00)

Old Captain Dumpling
Chicken Mushroom and Pepper Pie ($4)

Bearin’ Wheel Pie
Radish with Mushroom & dried shrimp ($4.50)
Corn with Cheese ($4.50)
Taro & salted egg yolk ($4)
Cream with Tapioca ($4.50)

Thank you guys for watching. See you in the next one!

– Eric x Yi

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