Masterchef John Zhang shows you how to make delicious stir fry and top 5 recipes from our fan’s favorites.

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0:22 Spicy Beef Stir Fry
4:55 Stir Fry Chicken and Vegetables
9:01 Beef Chow Fun
12:01 Shanghai Style Stir Fried Noodles
15:34 Stir Fry Clam with Chinese Doughnut

Oil velveting for Chinese Stir-fry: A technique involving searing meat or poultry by stir-frying it in hot oil very briefly, just until it browns slightly.

Get the recipes:

Dish 1: Spicy Beef Stir Fry
This Sizzlin’ Spicy Beef Stir-Fry is quick and easy to make with beef, chicken, or shrimp. The cool thing about stir fry is that it’s one of the most flexible meals you can make. You can pretty much toss in whatever combination of veggies and meat.

Dish 2: Stir Fry Chicken and Vegetables
This easy Chicken Stir Fry recipe is loaded with fresh veggies and the tender, juicy chicken. Bonus: it’s ready in around 30 minutes!

Dish 3: Beef Chow Fun
Loaded with fat rice noodles, tender and succulent beef, and crisp veggies, Beef chow fun is a staple Cantonese dish. Simple, tasty and super satisfying!

Dish 4: Shanghai Style Stir Fried Noodles
Shanghai Fried Noodles is the perfect easy weeknight meal. Chef John shows you how to make this stir fry noodles from scratch. Homemade noodles usually provide a more chewy taste than store bought ones.

Dish 5: Stir Fry Clam with Chinese Doughnut

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