Masterchef John Zhang and Chen Yichun share Top 5 mesmerizing recipes for celebrating Chinese New Year with step by step instruction.

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0:18 Braised Pork Hock 走油蹄膀 By Chef John
3:39 Garlic Shrimp 蒜蓉蒸蝦 By Chef John
5:31 Dry Braised Fish 乾燒魚 By Chef Chef Yichun
10:18 Eight-Treasure Duck 八寶鴨 By Chef John
14:19 Eight-Treasure Rice 八寶飯 By Chef John

Dish 1: Braised Pork Hock
Clothed in glossy and savory brown sauce, this pork is so tender that it’s almost falling off the bone. Rich and comforting, its flavor is unbeatable.

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Dish 2: Garlic Shrimp
Garlic shrimp with thinly sliced fries is a classy dish that satisfies your cravings for comfort food. the pungent, savory garlic flavor harmonizes with the light, sweet taste of the shrimp. sprinkled with diced pepper, this is a flurry of colors that are not only elegant but also delectable.

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Dish 3: Dry Braised Fish
In Chinese culture, whole fish symbolize abundance. Hence it’s usually one of the center pieces you’ll see during Chinese New Year feast. Dry-braising is a peculiarly Sichuanese version of a cooking method used all over China. All braised dishes are first heated over a high flame and then left to simmer gently in a stock-based sauce. With dry braising, however, the sauce is left to reduce naturally, until all the seasonings have been absorbed by the main ingredients or cling to them in a delicious sticky coating.

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Dish 4: Eight Treasure Duck
It’s irresistible! Every bite of duck meat is flavorful and juicy. It’s a traditional Chinese food from Huaiyang cuisine, that’s first marinated, fried, braised, stuffed with 8 different ingredients (hence, the name of the dish “8 treasures duck”) before it’s steamed till tender and fall-off-the-bone.

This dish is equally famous as peking duck in China. However, it seriously is one of those “endangered dishes” that’s slowly growing extinct. Cooking it does take time and patient. But, it’s worth it.

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Dish 5: Eight-Treasure Rice
Eight-Treasure Rice(八寶飯) is a traditional dessert served during Chinese New Year celebration and festival banquets.The number eight is a magic number for Chinese people. In Chinese, the number eight sounds like another Chinese word “fa 發 “. In Chinese, it means rich or to thrive in business. Also, because this dessert is really colorful and pretty, it represents luck and sweetness for the new year.

The name “Eight Treasure’ comes from the “eight” key ingredients that this delicious dessert has. The dish is common made from glutinous rice and a combination of with eight fruits that, according to Chinese medicine, are meant to provide therapeutic effect. The commonly used treasures are: dried red dates, lotus seeds, candied plums, sweetened winter melon, dried longan, red bean paste, assorted beans, assorted nuts, and etc.

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