We’re visiting Oakland Chinatown to show you guys the Top 3 Take Away Food for under $10.00 ea in oakand Chinatown!
Oakland Chinatown is located in the state of California. California has many chinatown’s and Oakland Chinatown is overshadowed by San Francisco Chinatown. There are many underrated spots in Oakland Chinatown and if your looking for delicious take-out meals than you clicked on the right channel. **Of course the amount of Shu Mai you see is a little over $10 but normally it comes in 4 for $3.20 at Big Dish Restaurant.

My PERSONAL FAVORITES in OAKLAND: https://mailchi.mp/83e9251de9ed/lifeofbdfavorites

Gum Kuo Restaurant: (inside the plaza)
388 9th St
Ste 182
Oakland, CA 94607

Tao Yuen Pastry:
816 Franklin St
Oakland, CA 94607

Big Dish Restaurant:
339 9th St
Oakland, CA 94607

Thank you Johnny&Devin for helping with the vidoe!

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21 thoughts on “Top 3 Take Away Food under $10 in Oakland Chinatown”

  1. Big Dish is the best you can also get but two meat rice plate there with your dim sum. Hard to beat the price even with the covid-19 inflation.

  2. Why don't you just order in cantonese? Kind of odd for you to say I want two har gao (while you say har gao in perfect canto). Gives you an opportunity to practice. Don't waste your chiness school.

  3. Brian D, thank you for bringing back memories. I grew up in Oakland Chinatown in the early 60's. I attended Lincoln Elementary and Oakland Chinese Community Center. I am a regular customer at Gum Guo and Tao Yuen Pastry. Wow, the third place of business I have never been to is Big Dish Restaurant. That tray of har gow and siu mai sure looks delicious. I will have to check them out.

  4. Wow, this brings back memories. I used to teach English and citizenship classes there during college, at Asian Immigrant Women Advocates. Wonderful to see this! Thanks for making this video.

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