Just as Julia Child revolutionized French food, so did Cecilia Chiang with Chinese cuisine. After moving to the United States in 1959, Cecilia launched the Mandarin in San Francisco. The restaurant introduced foods like Peking duck, pot stickers and hot and sour soup to an American audience, and began to attract celebrities and foodies from across the country. Her cooking has set a standard for Chinese food in America, and has influenced everyone from Alice Waters to James Beard.

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40 thoughts on “The Woman Who Changed Chinese Cuisine in America”

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  5. Many of the Chinese food in America that does not exist in China do exist in the Philippines (beef brocoli, chopsuey, egg rolls, Chowmien noodles cooked in American style, orange chicken….etc.)

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  7. Im a Chinese and read an article about her story, and really appreciated what she put effort in bringing the real Chinese food to the US. Sadly she left us last month at 100.

    R.I.P JIANG SUN YUN(Her Chinese name in pinyin)

  8. I just found out she died two days ago… what a legend, we will never forget her contributions to the United States. Incredible.

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