Congee Noodle Delight is a popular Chinese restaurant located in Vancouver, BC. This restaurant is a go-to spot for those seeking authentic Cantonese cuisine, particularly their signature dish, congee. Congee is a rice porridge that’s been a staple in Chinese cuisine for centuries, and at Congee Noodle Delight, they serve… Continue Reading Authentic Cantonese Cuisine at Congee Noodle Delight in Vancouver | Must-Try Congee and More!

Chef Tam is one of the lead characters on the task of taking Chinese/Cantonese cuisine, to an international recognition as a high ending cuisine. After 12 year in Macau, Chef Tam built a strong reputation in the asian gastronomic scene, through his refined Cantonese Cuisine. Now he is Leading the… Continue Reading The Cantonese cuisine of Wing Lei Palace – BEYOND THE OPERA | Chef Tam Kwok Fung

Cantonese cuisine, a famous type of Chinese food, is not only packed with great flavors, but it’s also a key messenger taking Chinese culture overseas. Let’s visit a senior Cantonese Chef to learn more! #FigureItOut #ChineseFood #CantoneseCuisine source