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37 thoughts on “Singaporean City Girl Lives China Village Life in Putian, Fujian.”

  1. Putian village is a cozy place. Villages are shrinking in China. Vey tough to keep villages prosperous like Putian.
    My parents from Putin, and my mum from Hanjiang.

  2. Hanjiang = Town,
    Village =?

    My grandad lived there until the age of 12 too.

    Until he came with my great-granddad to Singapore in 1938.

  3. A friend of mine in the United States his family is from Fujian but they live in Vietnam for over 100 years before immigrating to America. He and his parents are really looking to go back to Fujian once the pandemic is over and I am really looking forward to visiting Singapore after the pandemic. Once the dates get closer I will need to ask for some travel tips about Singapore. I hope you and your husband a happy life out there in Putian!

  4. I am from Malaysia, last year I went back to 仙游 my relative there, for the first time, it was really new experience, I still miss the dishes there especially the white “loh mee”. They are amazed that I still could speak 仙游话 though may be 60% resemblance the local version. Will visit again once this pandemic subsided.

  5. I am Malaysian Chinese of Hainanese dialect group. Putian was one of the ancestral home of my surname clan, Long (龙). My ancestor was serving in the imperial army during the end of Song dynasty. They were then transfered to Hainan Island, also during the end of Song dynasty. My grandfather migrated to Malaysia at the beginning of of 1930s. I guess Hainanese people were from Heng Hua dialect group, before they moved to Hainan island and the dialect evolved into the Hainaese dialect we hear today.

  6. OMG. Im Chinese Indonesian, went there last year to meet my relatives. They also live in 涵江区. It s a lovely small town, will come back for sure

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