Is chow mein really authentic Chinese food? Is soy sauce in everything? Did we invent the modern-day fortune cookie or did Japan? If you don’t know the truth yet, it may be time to find out.

First and foremost, here’s a spicy news-flash. Those Chinese dishes like lo mein, General Tso’s chicken, and chop suey? Yeah, they’re actually less Chinese and more American. In fact, a lot of dishes your sweet and sour tastebuds crave have adapted to suit American tastes. Kind of mind-blowing right?

Because of this, there’s countless myths surrounding Chinese cuisine that’ve become accepted as fact. So, get your fork, chopsticks, soup spoon, and more ready. We’re debunking these and more Chinese food myths one by one. Here are just a few myths about Chinese food you should stop believing.

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All Chinese food is stir-fried | 0:00
Chinese Dishes Require Soy Sauce | 1:17
Fortune cookies are Chinese | 2:05
White takeout cartons are common in China | 3:18
All Chinese food is the same | 4:16
Broccoli appears in traditional Chinese cooking | 5:35
There’s one common Chinese cuisine | 6:34
Chinese restaurants have extensive menus | 7:42
The dishes are always greasy | 8:52
Chinese cuisine is cheap | 9:42

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