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29 thoughts on “My friend learned about Sichuan food the hard way”

  1. Hi everyone, I apologize if this story sounded unkind! I didn’t mean it to shame him by sharing this story and I discourage shaming anyone especially when it comes to food.

    My friend and I both still laugh about how he learned what Sichuan food was based on this experience, and I didn’t realize it would sound cruel with this video.

    It was meant to be fun and lighthearted. I’ll be more careful with how I tell these stories next time 🙏🏽

  2. It's fun, I can't eat spicy that much, and my friends will always make me eat something spicy saying just try it, it's spicy but tasty. One time I even wanted to eat something spicy just cause it looked so mouthwatering and we still laugh about that. Why people always assume the worst? It may have been a friendly prank or they didn't knew he never heard about sichuan food before….

  3. So she admits she knew the man didn't eat spicy foods, and let him tag along to a Sichuan restaurant. Proceeds to shoot him a mean look when he was surprised at how spicy the food was.smh
    Then she calls him bald video on this video like that really matters in the story. I can just imagine the junk they talked about behind his back.

  4. To offended commenters, she's not the only one in their group. ALSO, that friend could've ask what they're eating if he isn't familiar with it (or he maybe underestimated the spice). Lol, if I'm inviting myself to a dinner I'm not originally invited to, I always make sure I know what to expect for the food I'm paying for (or he might not want to look foolish/uncultured but that just backfired on him).

    Chill, its food. Don't project your rejections IRL in this video. I'm sure people complaining here haven't ever had a douchebag moment EVER.

    HAHAH I really relate to the guy, join your friends/coworkers once for something new and then never return if the food sucks.

  5. I’ve never had Szechuan food but I have been to a real deal Korean American restaurant with my Korean best friend in Fayetteville NC where there’s a pretty large Asian expat community. Like menu completely in Korean, Korean immigrants all around no other kind of person in sight. Everything was very spicy but not to the point where it wasn’t delicious. I’m sure they tailored the spice down since white people were there but still.

  6. Lol dang knew he didn't eat spicy food, knew it was only spicy food. Proceeds to not tell the man a thing. "Some people just want to watch the world burn Master Wayne." 😂

  7. I was told recently that most spicy Sichuan food originated from poorer immigrant culture, and that refined Sichuan cuisine often times have little to no spice at all — is this true haha

  8. Maybe everyone around the table was used of eating Sichuan and he was the third wheel that felt uncomfortable because he could of thought yall were talking about him. Any ways You Spund Like A Bitch. Goodbye I Will not be returning to see replies so if you reply to this idgaf 🤣

  9. Im not a big heat fan but a lil now n then is kool. I like the wanton things but i get sick the next day. I think it may be gluten

  10. My uncle took me someplace like that when I was younger. He had the waiter bring a big thing of rice just in case, but because he'd basically been training me to be willing to eat anything I wasn't allergic to, I wanted to try EVERYTHING. It never clicked until just now that this might explain my intensely high spice tolerance compared to everyone else I know.

  11. Not everyone knows what that term means, it was your job to not be condescending and knowing he doesn’t eat spicy food – it was your job to ask him and patiently explain.
    “We specifically picked people who we knew would appreciate it”
    You annoying snob.

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