This place is one of the OG ORIGINAL Hong Kong-style cha chaan tengs in Sydney, and is now a restaurant that’s been generationally handed down. It’s as good as it gets when it comes to delicious Cantonese food! We tried the steamed garlic prawn, sizzling silken tofu on egg, fried noodles with beef, fried sticky rice and french toast. They have a bomb HK-style baked pork chop rice too!

Show some love for David and his family restaurant. Thank you for sharing your story with us and the endless laughs bro!

Location: Sun Ming, Hurstville


* Credit to Hong Kong Bing Sutt for the baked pork chop image we used in this video too! Another great Sydney HK restaurant we’ll have to visit for the channel in the future! Thank you to their team. Please check them out as well 🙂


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20 thoughts on “MUST TRY HONG KONG CANTONESE FOOD! Sun Ming Hurstville Sydney fried rice noodle french toast mukbang”

  1. Bro please tell david sorry for me. I made an order there around 2 years ago worth about $150 thinking it's the parra one. But when I got there, no order. So I called back and apologised but the food was already made. 🤣

  2. Can't believe I haven't been here before as a fellow Cantonese person! Adding this to my list, Kevin! Going to ask my Dad if we've ever been with the family and I've just forgotten haha. If we haven't been, I know where I'll be taking them 😉

    Classic Cantonese food is unreal. My favorite dish of all time is the silken tofu dish. Had it for breakfast today and I want more now that I've seen it in this video!

  3. Sun Ming is an OG staple in Hurstville. I have countless fond memories dining there as a kid with the family. To this day I take my kids there for good ol Canto cuisine too. There aren't many quite like it. Keep up the effort David "加油-add oil"!

  4. I had lunch at Sun Ming Parramatta yesterday with my mum and couldn't believe it that they gave us free soup as many restaurants don't offer it anymore. The dishes were so delicious.

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