mukbang | food | chili | fatsongsong and thinermao | chinese food | asmr | asmr mukbang | mukbangs, The latest Chinese food cooking contents of Fat Songsong and Thin Ermao include: Braised Sausage, Spicy horn fish, Spicy pork trotters, Stone Popped Fish Fillet, Spicy Big Drumsticks, Spicy Big Turtle, Buckle meat, Sauteed Bacon with Cactus, Fried pork with bamboo shoots. The two brothers not only cook delicious food together, but also show interesting mukbang together.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Braised Sausage
0:54 Spicy horn fish
2:22 Spicy pork trotters
3:47 Stone Popped Fish Fillet
5:07 Spicy Big Drumsticks
5:50 Spicy Big Turtle
7:16 Buckle meat
8:22 Sauteed Bacon with Cactus
9:39 Fried pork with bamboo shoots

Hi everyone, here is a interesting videos channel of Fat songsong and Thin ermao, two brothers who live in the country and love country food (especially spicy!). We want to share our lives and bring laughter to everyone.

This is a channel (original by songsong and ermao) with interesting videos about country food, country cooking, spicy food challenges, country life, spicy comedy, pranks and more.
Here you can learn more about rural stories, rural life, rural childhood memories, rural scenery, rural culture and other information.

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Have a great time everyone!

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