Entschuldigung! I am very happy to upload my recent made – Luan’s travel clip.

Lu’an, or 「六安」in Chiese, is a developing city in Anhui Province in the eastern region of the People Republic of China.

Especially, in my trip, I visited Huoshan County, which is famous for the production of “Huoshan Huangya”,「霍山黃芽」, a kind of green tea well known for its tender and frail taste, immense tea trading business, the reservoir of Fuziling (「佛子嶺」 in Chinese) built in the period shortly after the founding of the PRC and its traditional clay pot cooking different using the , which respectively appear in my video clip.

Also, there is a correlated Chinese Version video on https://youtu.be/8YNU7qa3cbU:).

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