22 thoughts on “Kylie Kwong: My China – Fujian, sample clip”

  1. Hi sitting in pictures. I'm very confused. Fujian belongs to Hakka or Hokkien. And why Tulou builded in Fujian but belongs to Hakka peoples? Fujian means Hokkien, right?

  2. My father and I both adored Kylie so much. There was something so wholesome and good about her personality, less pretension and all natural, that warms the heart instantly, just like her food.

  3. Does anybody know where I could find the soundtrack she used on her other shower heart and soul, I’m a big jazz fan so I’m always trying to find it.

  4. Kylie kwong she prepare very good food and she cut the vegitable very fast and cute now a days she disappeared in travel living channel ( living foodz)

  5. She is Australian – her grandparents immigrated to Australia and her family grew up there. She can't help her accent…it is natural to her.

  6. Same here. I don't know what channel they've moved her too. I love her cooking and the information she give's on the dish and it's origin.

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