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Hunan uses more fresh chili’s that arguably make it hotter than the numbing feeling from Sichuan food. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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30 thoughts on “IS THIS THE SPICIEST CHINESE FOOD IN THE WORLD? (Hunan Food) | Fung Bros”

  1. You are spot on! Hmong = Miao in Chinese. But please do not call Hmong, "Miao" in English. They think Miao in English is pejorative. Mien = Yao in Chinese. Good job for doing your homeworks.

  2. But the original Sriracha is actually Thai — and comes from the seaside city of Si Racha, where most residents haven't even heard of the U.S. brand, which is now being exported to Thailand.

  3. I eat this shit. Every. Single. Day. The pepper and fermented black bean dish, chilli tofu, fish head soup, pickled onion paste, fried boiled egg with green chilli and egg plant with black beans are the best. But cauliflower – no way. The authentic stuff also uses wayyyyyy too much oil. But that fermented tofu is awesome.

  4. What you are talking about is American style sriracha created by Huy Fong. It's sort of fermented. It is different from the original Thai version Siracha (ซอสศรีราชา) from the city of "Si Racha" which is older, usually not fermented and way more yummy than the US rooster stuff. This might be one of the only things on earth the Chinese did not invent first.

    I love Chinese food and I love Hunan dishes, though Sichuan food will always be my favorite world wide. Simply because of complexity of taste layers. If it comes to heat Guizhou might be sometimes even hotter than Hunan cuisne.

  5. I am constantly fighting with my two local Chinese take outs..I say Please put in exxtraXXXTRA CHili peppers and chili paste..they say…we aren;t sczhuan…I am looking for the Hottest -Spiciest Take out in NYC..anyone know where?

  6. Im from (Nan Chang)Jiangxi province, I have to admit that Ganzhou city (In Jiangxi) and Hunan province people eat most spicy food🥵 (and most delicious food🤤)in China.
    Overall, I favorite food are from Human, Jiangxi and Guangdong.🤤🤤🤤

  7. Can you make a vid of your backgrounds and which parts of China you come from because David’s mandarin is good and no one else can match him. It’d be nice as a new viewer to know more about the fung bros

  8. There's a Hunan restaurant in San Bruno, CA—-literally a minute from YouTube HQ—-called the Joy of Hunan. I've been exploring their menu & it's AMAZING. They do the traditional Chinese practice of using regional ingredients, so there are plenty of serrano slices mixed in with a lot of their dishes. Plenty of fire & plenty of flavor. The ultimate in culinary pain & pleasure.

  9. Not a fan of spicy style Chinese food, prefer less spicy food Cantonese food. Sriracha never tried it is not that popular where I eat. Is it a famous American chilly sauce?

  10. hello FB, hunan is like canton. your range of spice should not be requested by keep adding. a location may have special dishes. elle for pep

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