My wife was looking forward to visiting Fujian Shaxian Snacks Eastwood because she’s from Fujian, China & she was very excited to eat 2 particular dishes from this restaurant because she often ate them when she was growing up in China. We ate 4 dishes of authentic street food that represented the city of Fujian China.

-Noodles Mixed with Peanut Sauce
-Pork Wonton Soup
-Fried Instant Noodle with Beef
-Braised Pig’s Cheek

Fujian Shaxian Snacks address: Shop 15/1 Lakeside Rd, Eastwood NSW 2122

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21 thoughts on “Fujian Shaxian Snacks Eastwood | Authentic Street Food | Sydney Australia”

  1. I've never thought about Australia when it comes to food before. Thanks to your channel, I'm gonna visit Aus when things get better. Nice video!!!

  2. That pork wonton soup looks so delicious. Now, I miss the Philippines with all the Chinese food restaurants there. Great review Merv. Salamat.

  3. We come to Eastwood mostly hunting for Korean food, but this looks so good! peanuty noodles, reminds us of the noodles we tried in Shanghai, we loved it! When your wife said it's good then that's a good sign as she's from Fujian.

  4. This restaurant scene in the kitchen looks like a family-run business ya. The dry noodle looks extremely tasty and the best thing is you get free eating advice on how to maximize the food taste.🤣👍😋

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