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https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fT_yRfc2EfqK_ao-zpbSFY2ZaSNDApcUjNnq8ipDP7E/edit?usp=sharing My hometown Fujian:
Well known for those gifted business people, for the funny way we talk, for many others things.


29 thoughts on “Fujian China- Fun facts about Fujian- What to talk with Fujianese”

  1. 谢谢你! 太有帮助!
    I loved this video and will definitely be sharing this with others!
    I have a few friends from Fujian. I would love to learn more about other provinces of China. Please continue this series!

  2. Hello, I'm a Straits Chinese (Sino-Peranakan descendant) from Penang, Malaysia. Having a strong inclination of the Fujian community Worldwide, I'm always very intrigued to learn and mingle with the Fujianese community Worldwide. Thank you for making this video, it's so heartwarming indeed!

  3. I have been watching your videos for several weeks. I find that your way of teaching is very useful and I am able to understand what you are saying, as well as learn new words along the way. There are a lot of Chinese Teachers on YouTube. Many of the teachers focus on teaching things such as body parts, fruit, restaurant phrases and so on. Your lessons are a great way to prepare to actually speak in Mandarin. I encourage you to continue to do your great work, because I am getting a lot out of it. I look forward to seeing many more of your wonderful lessons, and I will continue to review the ones you had produced, to help me to reach a level of fluency to be able to understand and speak Mandarin. Thank you for your wonderful lessons and your kind personality. John from Life Academy

  4. I'm a Cantonese (paternal from Guangzhou and maternal from Foshan) but born and raised oversea. In my hometown, all Chinese speaks Fujian dialect (Hokkien), we have different accent tho and we can say 'F' 😂 The cuisine in my hometown is also heavily influenced by Fujian's cuisine but with a twist because not all resources can be obtained here. Interestingly, our cuisine is also famous with the local/native people of other regions in our country, that if people think of Chinese food they're actually thinking of Fujian food. Even as a Cantonese I prefer Fujian food lol
    Oh, and the song in 7:51 is still very popular that we often sung it in a party, family gathering or karaoke.

  5. I am peranakan chinese from indonesia and I believe my ancestors come from Fujian long time ago during Dutch Colonial times… unfortunately I only know a little mandarin

  6. I enjoy watching your video it is so helpful。I have many hokkienese friend in the Philippines I think this is the oldest china town outside mainland。
    很多人 说话福建语。

  7. I'm a 5th generation Hokkien in Malaysia and I enjoy your video about Fujian. I hope to reconnect my Lim/Ling (two wood) clan's relation between Fujian,China and Malaysia one day.

  8. My friend is native of Fujian. She is beautiful. She said her life was free in the beginning—but I soon learned of her marriage. The man was a cook in their restaurant. I wanted her badly, and still in a way.

  9. 妳好!感謝妳作這個視頻。我很開心、因爲我的中文還不好、但是我會聽得懂妳的話。我是印尼華人、在這邊也有閩南人。我的爸爸也會講閩南話。不過、我小孩孩的時候、沒有機會學講閩南話。還是他不知道教的辦法。所以、現在我自己學、有時候他跟講。我看到這視頻的時候、好像給我加油。所以,我希望很多人會看妳的視頻。感謝!

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