I meet up with the head chef of the famous Lailong Restaurant in Zhongshan, China and sample may traditional and modern Cantonese dishes.

Eating in Zhongshan China (Vol. 7) Modern Cantonese Cuisine (Lailong Restaurant)
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14 thoughts on “Eating in Zhongshan China (Vol. 7) Modern Cantonese Cuisine (Lailong Restaurant)”

  1. That's not a place one could keep fit.
    Then again you only live once?
    Yeah, go for it.
    Funny, now I am hungry again. And I just had dinner.

  2. You can’t really get that in North America… even Vancouver have lots of Chinese people living here, still there is nothing like the video. Great video!!!

  3. Great Video. The boss looks like a good guy, fab restaurant. The rice and cheese is not up here in mandarin cooking (shame), Cantonese is more sweet (my taste) than mandarin style. HK has amazing food, so I guess you are getting the side of that, as you are pretty close to HK. I go to Guangzhou a lot, which is still Cantonese, but I don't think it's fully, I think its merged and very mixed there. I saw your video on the Ritz there, I stay very close but the other side of the rd that goes over the bridge to the TV tower, near the island with the concert hall, they use to have an amazing French restaurant for many years right beside that hall, Le Sine, but its closed in recent years, everything changes sadly. That's right on the river, its pretty. I go to Canton fair, which is the same venue where you went for the car show, so Tianhe district is good to stay at. Funny thing, I can't handle Cantonese language, its got a lot of twang to it, hard to explain, a higher pitch I guess, Mandarin is more flat, lower pitch. I'm always grateful to get back here, after being down there (well my ears are).

  4. Yes! Please forget Lemon Chicken, Sweet Sour Pork fried spring rolls etc.. Zhongshan is the right place you can have the real Cantonese cosine!

  5. OK, I'm jealous. Cantonese cooking still reign supreme in my biased opinion. It prized freshness and not covering the ingredients with spices and heavy sauces. Medicinal health effect of food is emphasized in much of Cantonese recipes, paying attention to seasonal changes. No province regard "wok-chi" so highly, that delirious aroma of food sauteed quickly in a hot wok.

  6. So so so envious of you. You've no idea how difficult & expensive for us in Europe to eat quality dimsum. My friend treated us many moons ago & that's was that!

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