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The other day I went into a bunch of Chinese restaurants as an ordinary but kinda clueless white guy and ordered food in fluent Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). It was a really fun prank and social experiment to see Chinese people’s reactions — both the waiters and the other patrons in these NYC Chinatown restaurants were totally shocked! Thanks everyone for supporting me on my language learning journey — Fuzhounese videos coming up very soon!


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25 thoughts on “Clueless White Guy Orders in Perfect Chinese, Shocks Patrons and Staff”

  1. I love the Chinese. My foster daughter is Taiwanese now back in Taiwan where I go often. They are amazing people. the culture is so interesting and the food is to die for! They are such loving kind people. I get thoroughly spoilt when I visit. Sadly my mandarin is zero!!

  2. Why do you not speak Mandarin, Cantonese right away…..either way, massive fan from New Zealand. Maybe you can learn Te Reo Maori and I'll take you for a trip around NZ next Summer

  3. This guy is a phoney baloney! All memorized and edited. What he does can be done by anyone. But he has lots of subscribers so he has done a "good job"

  4. To be honest,his Chinese command is very limited here. Just ordering a menu, nothing extravagant.
    There are more Chinese who speaks Chinese,as well as english.n way much better n fluent than the Chinese he displayed here
    Sure, appreciate that he took the effort to learn since Chinese is the most difficult to learn,but ,I gotta be honest.

  5. I shown this to my sister and screamed cultural appropriation.

    Keep doing what you do. The more you piss off my sister the better.

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