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39 thoughts on “Chinese Food On Christmas”

  1. As an atheist, my Christian family kind of makes me feel awkward at Christmas. So I stopped participating altogether a few years ago. Since then I've enjoyed hanging with the nice Jewish folks at the Chinese places and movie theaters.

  2. Didn't like it. The words were innocuous enough but the video contains every anti-semitic trope you could think of. Starting with stopping the car to pick up a penny and everyone in the car approving. When I was a kid, the older kids from the Parochial School a few blocks from my hopuse used to throw pennies on the ground in front of the Jewish kids with, "here, jew, pick it up!"

  3. I think it's spreading beyond Jews. A few years ago I went to my favorite Chinese buffet in Long Island City, Queens on Christmas and saw a lot of Latino families. I mean, it's possible they could have been Jewish but statistically unlikely.

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