Gordon Ramsay takes a trip to, chinese restaurant, Yu & You.

Gordon Ramsay in search of Britain’s best restaurant. Top restaurants from around the UK compete to win the title.

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32 thoughts on “Best Chinese Restaurant :Yu & You | Gordon Ramsay”

  1. This running off on me. I just sat down with the nice cheap easy meal I got frozen in boxes. I cooked it up with love sat down.

    Oh. Oh. It was 4kin HORRible.every mouthful had to be cursed until I couldn't take it any Fork ing more. I dashed it to the bin. Nope. 4 Q Iceland no not you Iceland. Icelands the UK 💩 shop that sells that junk in red boxes.

  2. I have the same thing across the street from me but its the grandpa at his start…..guy in his 30s , family run , straight from china….called Asian Chef in las vegas. True authentic Chinese.

  3. It makes me so happy to see that chef Ramsay has so much respect for Asian cuisine as well; all cuisines and cultures actually. And he's always willing to learn new things. Also learning about his background and everything he's gone through makes me understand why he's so strict in the kitchen and made me really respect him!

  4. Gordon should make a deal with a Mainland Chinese cook with good English so he can guide Gordon around China and check all the famous restaurants.

  5. Sometimes people are better at certain positions in the kitchen, I always help around the kitchen washing some knives and cutting up basic seasoning ingredients when my mom cook, and I can barely make tomato and egg noodles, so it seems reasonable enough for the dad to be the cook, plus, lots of Asian cooks can get very angry when you don't follow their way or the tradition, heck, my mom don't even use a peeler or grater for daily meals. So, yea

  6. I didn't see that they have steamed fish. The best Chinese food is steamed fish and steamed seafood, shark fin and so on. These hot and tender meats can only be enjoyed in Chinese food, and it is almost heavenly. Western food is absolutely no such heavenly delicious dishes. (Google translate)

  7. probably a tradition from ancient china: only the most esteemed chef will handle the dishes, especially in the palace where the head chef is directly cooking for the emperor himself! but even in lower class restaurants this is still evident, there's a sense of prestige and importance when you're the head chef, which is why (i think) charlie insists that he does the cooking himself.

  8. Wouldnt it be weird gordon telling these guys they arent cooking asian food properly, seems like he gets out the way abit with stuff that seems hard to criticise, some old indian guy throwing turmeric infused chicken feet into a curry in mumbai and gordon will be like "mmm delicious, you can really taste the authenticity"

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